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Focus on providing legal services for small businesses and individuals.

Our Practice

Every business should have early access to the legal expertise it needs to operate efficiently, protect itself and comply with the law. That is why Munoz Law will:
Operate with the highest ethical standards.
Treat you with dignity and respect.
Handle your work with diligence and care.
Provide flat rates when appropriate, make good efforts to provide realistic estimates, and advise you when cost estimates change.
Keep you informed about the progress of the work, and respond promptly to your calls and communications.

Core Beliefs

Early Action

Successful businesses must address legal issues before they become liabilities.


A business must have an attorney that fully understands the business and its challenges so that it can focus on providing products and services and meeting its goals. Munoz Law lifts the burden of deciphering legal requirements so that businesses can run smoothly.

Values & Affordability

Munoz Law understands that running a business isn’t easy, or cheap. That’s why Munoz Law provide valuable legal services at affordable prices.

“After starting my business I realized I needed to protect it and create contracts for my services. Munoz Law helped me create agreements that worked for both me and my clients.”
Justin Farrell
COWTS Design Studio
“Ms. Munoz has accepted numerous pro bono cases through Human Rights Initiative of North Texas. I have seen her manage cases with complex legal issues for vulnerable clients – always with a high level of organization and compassion. Her skill and expertise is matched by her attentiveness to each individual client. She is a true advocate.”
Marcela Evans, J.D.
Human Rights Initiative of North Texas
“Henrietta has proved invaluable as our company has grown in size. Whether it’s contractual insights, client issues, or everyday legal matters, she is our go-to resource.”
Andrew Strickland
Pixel and Texel, LLC

Let’s work together

Once you take the first step to contact Munoz Law, Munoz Law can help with the rest.